Introducing Purpos Planet

Purpos Planet is a strategic response to the new emerging lifestyle changes in the post-pandemic world. We have reinvented ourselves to create and deliver new business experiences to our stakeholders and consumers.

At Purpos Planet, we work towards:
  • Constant upgradation and transformation
  • Enhancing adaptability in an ever-changing global market
  • Expanding our presence and explore new ventures
  • Building a tech-savvy, gender diverse culture
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Products and Brands

Our brands of perfumes, deodorants, attar & Roll-on fragrances, room & air fresheners, beauty & fragrance soaps.

Beauty & Fashion

Designed with Love

Food & Beverages

Food is not a business.

Food is Life.

Products and Brands


Business Model

Purpos Planet invests in an open, liberal art of researching life and discovering people’s new emerging problems in new & mature FMCG categories. Of the data-analyzed & selected categories, it develops own brands or licenses in product or service brands to test in an SCR first before national roll out. It outsources or manufactures products and distributes on legacy & new distribution channels to deliver new & affordable experiences in deeper India. The new business is restructured on fundamental actions under five strategic programs process – SCRIPT (Discover. Solve), OPEN (Sourcing, Branding or Licensing), STORE (Retail Servicing), DXPR (Delivery) and WESDG (Development).



Purpos Planet At Glance

In a world grappling with uncertainties, Purpos Planet is a strategic response to new lifestyle changes as people respond to the new challenges. We see transformations in the social, economic, digital and cultural behavior of consumers. With new focus on technology driven FMCG sales & distribution, delivery and consumer experiences...

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Purpos Planet Legacy

Adversity had led to migration and trade. History took customs to different geographies. Though traditional commerce lacked speed yet thrived on success and network depth unlike today’s e-commerce that thrives...

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Our Vision

Dedicated to create, deliver, surprise every household with new experiences, to bridge the inequalities in the new-normal...

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Our Mission

Continuously ‘Discover to Solve’ people’s problems in hyper-local life under the program SCRIPT (Socio-Economic...

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New World of Brands

Diverse Indian societies’ new experience in education, healthcare, banking, social sector, internet has led to new preferences’ by consumers. The eternally time-consuming process of building models for brands has been killed by new experience, that is, to try digital first and scale up later. People now ‘choose’ to see an advertisement or content about a brand to know what they want. They don’t just shop, but ‘order’ brands from a place, to be ‘delivered’ at their selected place. In this tech-accelerated world, people mark and follow influencers, target a category or brand and hunt for deals. This has shifted the powers more towards consumers. Brand experiences are the new memories and assets which we are designing, and combining it with our old skills. Most people are perpetually under pressure, or perhaps confused given the stack of content which includes reviews, ratings, recommendations. Purpos Planet aims to create a new world of brands that live this new change in India, a more basal, faster change.

New World of Brands

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