L.K. Soni

The Foundational Strength

Shri L K Soni, co-founder and the real spirit behind the success of India’s leading perfume brand Riya, started his journey with eyes full of entrepreneurial dreams from a village in district Nagour, Rajasthan. With over four decades of sales and distribution experience, he gained valuable insights into the trading practices in India trades. Since the past two decades, he has extensively travelled across India to personally set up and expand perfumes distribution business headquartered in New Delhi.

Soni Ji – as he is reverently called- is a natural leader with a calming presence and the epitome of humility and cultural values unique to India. He is the go-to man for newer ideas, economical innovation and quick decision-making. His nuanced and instinctive sense of hyper-local Indian culture, ethnographic narratives is the pillar behind the foundational strength of Purpos Planet.


Aakash Damani

Brand Manager
Food & Beverages

A steadfast go-to young colleague, Aakash is always there. Has been managing brand Riya’s distribution sales support & communication at erstwhile Reacha cosmetics for the past two years. To collectively fulfil his personal and Purpos Planet’s vision to serve the GT Retail Grocery Stores with a wide range of own FMCG brands, Aakash is the key member of Food and Beverages division.

Fully immersed in consumer business’s operational responsibilities, Aakash’s new found love is brands’ abstract conversations nowadays after his first love for commerce since he graduated from St. Xavier’s College Kolkata.


Ashok Tank

Accounts Head

A financial stickler with a creative lens, Ashok, with thirty-four years plus experience, immensely enjoys numerical challenges and displays great enthusiasm to grow business. A classical commerce professional with a good sense of humour, he respects unwavering professional integrity, encourages new learning among his team members to build an infectious team spirit.
Ashok, after completing his post-graduation in commerce from University of Rajasthan started career with Dabur. Soon after, he gained financial accounting experience at Surya Roshni during his career’s early growth years. Now affectionately called Ashok ji, he has been the accounting & finance custodian of legacy business for the past two decades. A journey that evidences co-workers’ trust in a meticulous finance professional and an excellent multitasker. You’ll find Ashok ji laughing out loud while cracking a wise joke if not a business problem.


Ravindra Tripathi

R&D Manager

Ravindra’s first love is gardening beautiful plants and herbs that help people not only look stunning but internally do good. He believes that goodness must be expressed inside out and must not be artificial- a natural outcome of his upbringing in a horticultural atmosphere.
This inner beauty ideology has been the driving force behind his two decades plus career in Cosmeceutical’s environment in various pharmaceutical and personal care companies.
Ravindra’s bountiful experiences comprise Beauty & Cosmetics ( Lipsticks, Nail colors, Eye and Facial make-up formulations), Fragrances - Perfumes & deodorants, Personal care ( Allopathic dermatological & skin care formulations analysis), Skin care - Skin moisturizers, Hair Care - Shampoos, permanent waves, hair colours, and Oral Care- Toothpaste.
He started his career as an FDA certified chemist from Department of Drug & Cosmetics – Delhi & Uttarakhand & Analytical Chemist by Delhi & Haryana and gradually grew to be the Research & Development Manager at Purpos Planet.
His specialisation in Cosmeceuticals Analytics– both cosmetic and therapeutic ( medical or drug class) - along with rooted cultural understanding of vast Gangetic planes life makes it simpler to respond to Indian consumer needs in cosmetics & skin care manifestations.


Sudivya Kumar

Manager-People Organisation Development

An MBA in Marketing & HR from IGNOU, New Delhi, Sudivya started his career with Ayur Herbal Cosmetics and later gained newer experiences to grow with Frontline Export, Artifacts India Export and Shyam Exports. His inner calling came to laterally move to MIS & HR role at Kundan Care Products.
In the past seven years, Sudivya, an enthusiastic traveller, has gained trust for his virtuous values, conscientious attitude, and orderly approach. With these special human qualities evolved over years. Sudviya administratively manages human resources ( HR) and management information system ( MIS) at Purpos Planet.


Arvind Sharma

Senior Manager – Supply Chain Management

Born in the beautiful lap of Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, Arvind developed interest in music and mathematics quite early in his childhood. Soon his fingers fluently moved to solve mathematics and chess board puzzles with equal ease. Now Arvind believes digitization is the demand of this era. A new generation lead SCM professional, he strategically thinks to leverage technology as an enabler for innovation. Having completed his PGDM (Supply Chain Management & Logistics) after B.Tech (Mechanical) with over 9 years experience in Procurement & Supply Chain Management, he gained diverse experience with AURAINE BOTANICALS PVT LTD, WIZCRAFT INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT PVT LTD, ORIENTAL STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS PVT LTD, WINDLASS ENGINEERS & SERVICES PVT LTD and QUALITY AUSTRIA CENTRAL ASIA PVT LTD. Arvind believes that Supply Chain Management & Logistics is the new darling of CEOs. It not only edges companies sharp but also boosts profitability. He possesses enviable aptitude and skills to make sense of SCMs implications on finance, accounting, project management, business law and marketing, and domestic sourcing best practices. When not traveling, you’ll find Arvind talking about latest developments in procurement and supply chain management.


Harsh Bajoira

Lead- Food & Beverages Operations

Harsh Bajoria loves cooking when not managing corporate finance. He cracked one of India’s toughest CA examinations in the very first attempt while pursing commerce honours at Xavier’s Kolkata. Surely, he is a special professional in India.

His love for cooking and natural fire to win in the first attempt motivated him to take the challenge of leading BIG INDIA – our F&B strategic business unit. In sync with our promoters’ ambition to build large turnover branded F&B business, he tapped his third passion i.e., Reading. However, in this assignment, he first immersed himself in reading India, her diverse food sub-cultures, and post pandemic changing food usage and attitude behaviour.

Harsh’s new dream to take up the entrepreneurial challenge at Purpos Planet , after accumulating eleven years of experience, reflects on his Young Leadership energy.
In his last assignment , Harsh lead the Internal Audit function of Greenply Industries Ltd. after rich & diverse financial management and cost accounting experiences at Vedic Resorts & Hotels Pvt Ltd , Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd, and JSW Steel Ltd.

He professionally enjoys applying his core competencies in Risk Assessment & Advisory, Control Assessment, Audit Compliance, ICOFR / IFC, Operational Audit Analytical Review, and Team Management.

Harsh is building a young team with diversity to create and deliver new business experiences to all stakeholders and end-consumers. When not found being a shark in financial reviews, he swims like a fish in his second love space- the pool.


Aditya Vikram Daga

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Aditya Vikram Daga joined the business after graduating from London Business School in 2019. In the true young Indian entrepreneurial spirit, he did not accept lucrative global career opportunities after his Master’s in Management unlike his peers and preferred to immerse himself in Indian culture as a keen sharp-eyed traveller across the country. Undaunted during the pandemic hit locked down India, Aditya personally led from the front to inspire his colleagues by ensuring that his channel partners and consumers are served without inconvenience while his teams were fully protected.

Purpos Planet is Aditya’s brainchild. It is his foresight to restructure a two-decade old business into a future-facing digitally accelerated, younger culture. His close encounters with inequalities in India during his Bharat Darshan, more visible during the pandemic and his India travelogues led him to believe that Purpos Planet must help to bridge the gaps in customer experiences across India.

Aditya Vikram is the founder-CEO of Purpos Planet. He is building a younger team with diversity to create and deliver new business experiences to all stakeholders and end-consumers.


Harshvardhan Saraf

Operations Lead
Devotional Business

With 8 years of professional experience, Harshvardhan Saraf has worked in Accounting and Marketing domain in various companies. After graduating with specialization in marketing from the reputed St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata,, he began his career as public relationship manager in the consumer business and later as public relations specialist at a leading commercial bank in India.

At Purpos Planet, Harshvardhan is honing his skills in an entrepreneurial environment wherein he is deeply involved in most business functions and has a significant impact in operations viz. product sourcing, cost negotiations, patent strategy, regulatory affairs, financial management, and investor relations.

He has envisioned the new devotional products and services brand beyond traditionally defined products like incense sticks etc and is leading the initiative from key business fronts.


Sunny Batra

Manager(Taxation & compliance)

Full of sunshine, Sunny combines commerce, law and company secretarial professional qualifications, knowledge and skills to ensure that all is compliant and protected against risks in business. Besides direct & indirect taxation, accounts, secretarial and corporate compliance core competencies, he has advised companies on finance and management matters in his past tenure with CS firms.

In his more than a decade of experience, he has worked with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, NKG Infrastructure, Shyam Trading Co. and KG Singhal & Co. A cheerful person, Sunny has been independently busy in his company secretarial practice as a successful self-employed professional.

His goal is to play leadership role in future by expanding his horizons, in the new exciting world of consumer-centric, digitally driven, fast moving consumer business.

About Us

New Experiences. New Growth.

We Are Purpos Planet

Re-born as an outcome of restructuring our two-decade old legacy business, the idea of Purpos Planet envelopes the transition from the former Reacha Cosmetics to full spectrum FMCG business with new technologies, culture and vision.

About Us

Purpos Planet At A Glance

In a world grappling with uncertainties, Purpos Planet is a strategic response to new lifestyle changes as people respond to the new challenges. We see transformations in the social, economic, digital and cultural behavior of consumers. With new focus on technology driven FMCG sales & distribution, delivery and consumer experiences, it aims for a competitive, sustainable, profitable growth in deeper India.

Our Story

In 1999, Odisha was battered by a Super Cyclonic Storm, Causing unprecedented damage to life and property. Among those uprooted by the devastating effects of this natural disaster were our first-generation founders who had lost their talcum powder manufacturing business.

The adversity was such that it made them strive harder than usual to overcome this devastation. With immense courage and perseverance, they started reinventing their business by bottling up perfumes in a rented space- a humbling office-cum-warehouse at Old Delhi’s Sadar Bazaar.

Although nuances of strategic marketing were still an uncharted territory for the founders, they managed to identify, select and blend perfumes with their natural instinct. In an attempt to introduce new fragrance experiences, they created exquisite fragrances in unique bottle designs at prices affordable to a wider section of the society.

We started with a spark in our eyes and an indomitable spirit to succeed. Over the past two decades, we have transformed the face of the company and in 2020, RIYA emerged as India’s leading perfume brand by volume & value.

Our Odyssey

  • 1997-2000

    Launched our first perfume brand Riya Partner, Desire, Rajanigandha in West Bengal

    Expanded to Bihar, Jharkhand and other Eastern states

  • Launched 50 ml SKU of key perfumes

    Highly anticipated Admire and Adorn perfumes were launched

  • 2001-2004

    Bindas and Melody introduced with pioneering display-cum-dispenser testers

    Much awaited Born Rich, Bawri, Jako and Poizo were launched. Expanded to UP market.

  • SKU 100 ml introduced for all perfume sub-brands. Extended into SKU 30 ml in floral fragrances viz. Rose, Sandal, and Riya Ful

    Party wear perfume introduced. Bindas and Melody in new color packaging for two new variants respectively were launched.

  • 2005-2008

    SKU 8 ml Roll-ons introduced across all perfumes

  • Started new production facility in Haridwar -UK

    Supply chain was transformed to explore new growth opportunities across most Indian states

  • 2009-2012

    Riya brand was extended into Deodorants under respective key sub-brands

    Room Freshener in attractive glass bottle packaging launched in six refreshing fragrances

  • Global outsourcing of packaging of perfumes which were launched under the brand names Blanche, Loving, Intense Gold, and Intense Dark

    Introduced Classico Black and Creator which continue to enjoy consumer preference

  • 2013-2016

    SKU 20ml and 10ml perfumes and SKU 3ml alcohol-free Attar introduced.

    Created India’s first INR 500/- price point by developing perfumes in eight exciting fragrances with world-class packaging.

    Introduced Riya no-gas deodorants and Riya Mist due to the popular demand.

  • Test-marketed Riya Fruity Fragrance Soaps (Orange) at popular prices.

    Launched SKU 40 ml deodorant in air-space display - hanger streamer for key sub-brands

    Introduced Riya Air Fresheners

  • 2017-2020

    Brand Riya now truly pan India except Kerala market

  • Test-marketed devotional brand’s flagship product Incense Sticks in classical floral and sandal fragrances

    Ranked as India’s leading perfume brand in syndicated retail audit reports.

    Riya Fragrance Soaps test-marketed in new paper-wrapper packaging and new improved Room Air Fresheners launched in seamless aluminum cans.

  • 2021

    Purpos Planet incorporated to diversify into new FMCG categories beyond fragrances

    With effect from 25th November 2021, Purpos Planet is the licensed user of the Trademark RIYA

  • RIYA is ranked India's No. 1 Perfume Brand by Nielsen IQ through its Retail Index Service for the Fragrance – Perfume, Deo & Cologne Category, Perfume segment, Value for the 12-month ending December 31, 2021, for the All India (U+R) market. (Copyright © 2022, Nielsen IQ

  • 2022

    BIG INDIA ~ F&B master brand test markets new Savran Tea sub-brands - Charter, Lok Chai in East Indian markets

    RIYA successfully presented new perfumes Black Rock that rapidly received appreciation for its perfume profile & quality across markets in India

  • 2023

    BIG INDIA launches Hi! Nuts Makhana in three SKUs 4S, 5S, and 6S to encourage consumers to Be Fit.

    RIYA officially available on www.riyalifestyle.com and leading ecommerce marketplaces in India including Indiamart

    New perfume sub-brands for men and women , PUNCH and FLUENCE launched

  • To celebrate India’s growing power in the world, Thunderheart Beats for India –launched in perfume (Olive Green design) and deodorant

    India's favourite perfume Melody extended into skin-friendly, smooth, mildly fragrant Talcum Powder ( Three SKUs 50g,100g, 300g)

  • To meet contemporary aesthetics sensibilities of new generation of younger consumers, RIYA’s new identity system with new logo, as part of brand’s makeover transition, adopted

    New Colour Cosmetics brand – Street Style by RIYA introduced its flagship products – SS Long wear Nail Enamel , SS Nail Paint Remover, SS Lipstick, SS Intense Lip Liquid Matte.

  • BIG INDIA extends Hi! Nuts Makhana in Classic ( assorted grade) to encourage unbranded Makhana users to buy evenly graded, whiter, softer quality in hygienically packaged Makhana.

    BIG INDIA YouTube channel launched with recipes for fasting food of India after nutrition and diverse food-cultural research across India.

  • 2024

    House of RIYA debuts in mass & masstige market price segment ( EDP INR 5/ml + SKUs) with Super Three perfumes SAY YES , FLORIFY RARE , SIGMA PERFORMANCE in 100 ml and 10 ml SKUs. With the launch of mass & masstige market priced perfumes, RIYA's TRUST expands its appeal in higher priced segments with superior olfactive experiences for those who are either upgrading from economy segment or first-time trying or regularly using mass priced perfumes.

  • Opened the new year with auspicious launch of Divinevani You Tube channel, the go-to source for devotional content that offers a diverse range of spiritual guidance, entertainment, sporting, and cultural activities. Divinevani is dedicated to fulfilling the spiritual needs of individuals worldwide, promoting values such as inter-faith harmony, love, tolerance, universal brotherhood, and peace.

  • In a unique honour to how technology has influenced modern life , House of RIYA woos techies who are 'badasses in mind' than in physical looks. To celebrate the three dots in an app, known as ellipsis ( indicate the hidden, beyond the visible power) , BUGG has three ellipsis ~ the three unpredictable thrillers - SENSE , SYSTEM , and SYNTAX in 100 ml and 10 ml EDP read-to-gift boxes.


To create, deliver, surprise every household with new experiences; to bridge the inequalities in the changing deeper India


Continuously ‘Discover to Solve’ people’s problems in hyper-local life under the program SCRIPT (Socio-Economic Cultural Regions of India’s Potential Triumph ) and Scale up the successful products and services in newer markets.

Introducing Purpos Plannet

Purpos Planet is a strategic response to the new emerging changes in lifestyle. We have reinvented ourselves to create and deliver new business experiences to our stakeholders and end-consumers.

  • We are evolving our new and improved version by leading the change in our categories

  • We are venturing into more exciting projects by removing older boundaries

  • We are creating a culture that is younger, digitally-driven and women-led

Our Convictions

  • People are created equal, they equally deserve good life

  • Nourish everyone in distribution channel for a healthy flow

  • Evolution is a natural constant process

  • Naïve people are extremely sharp to sense the price-value equation

Our Principles

  • Erase Inequalities in society

  • Earn eternal trust to grow

  • Adapt and embrace new forces of change everyday

  • Pride in frugality to serve customers better

Founders & Management

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