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Extravagance or modesty, people in deeper India enjoy all flavours of life. In fact, they crave more from life than their humble existence allows them to. They overcome everyday challenges by looking ahead, to move on and create new experiences.

People gift emotions, not things. Riya fragrances are experienced with these special emotions as people feel gratified when they are socially appreciated for the Riya perfume they wear, which not only starts a happy relationship among people but also with Riya Perfume.

At the heart of this happy affinity with Riya lies a powerful reason which is the competitive advantage of an irresistible perfume value, realized over the past twenty years.

Fragrances that are not elitist at a modest value are preferred to create new experiences, every day.


Riya Perfumes

The choice of the fragrance of an individual is unique and personal. We, at Purpos Planet, value this uniqueness and offer ‘something for everyone’. Over a period of two decades, our consumers have carefully silently built the most-cherished loved perfume brand relationships in deeper India.

A person chooses their roll-on in a special and individual way. At Purpose Planet, we respect this distinctiveness and strive to provide for everyone. Our customers have quietly and carefully developed relationships with the most adored and beloved roll-on perfume brands in deeper India over the course of two decades.

An individual's choice of deodorant is distinctive and individual. At Purpose Planet, we respect this individuality and aim to provide for everyone. People who utilize Riya deodorant often feel these particular emotions because they enjoy receiving compliments on their choice of deodorant in public.

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