Purpos Planet’s Digital Odyssey: Bridging The Digital Gap and Creating New Experiences


What is the vision of Purpos Planet in the digital space? Purpos Planet vision is dedicated to create, deliver and surprise every household with new experiences and to bridge the inequalities in the new-normal of aligning and changing deeper India.In the digital space, we strive to be innovators, embracing emerging technologies to reimagine traditional FMCG […]

The Untold Story Behind The Latest Colour Cosmetics Brand in Town Riya Street Style (Part – 2)


How has PP designed the product experience around the colour-shades range of colour cosmetics? In the initial pilot project stage, we have the must-have shades in Red, Maroon, Pink, Green etc. But our colour studies clearly suggest sharper sub-cultural and ethnicity-led colour preference differences in India. E.g. Western UP and Eastern UP ( remember UP […]

The Untold Story Behind The Latest Colour Cosmetics Brand in Town Riya Street Style


1. Riya is one of the most loved brands in the Indian perfume industry in the mass segment. What is the story behind the brand Street Style under Riya now extending into colour cosmetics? Swami & Sheep Riya has been in this market for a long time and has garnered a loyal customer base across […]

Rebranding of RIYA – Idea, Philosophy and Much More in Discussion With The Team Behind The Task


Post COVID, PP had undertaken a large pan India consumer & channel partners’ study ; to discover the soul of brand RIYA- India’s leading perfume brand in general trade. The project was appropriately titled ‘RIYA Brand Astitva Study’. After months of fieldwork and analysis, PP marketing research firm Prastut Consulting distilled the brand essence that […]

FMCG Sector: Innovation in Product Development and Marketing Strategies


FMCG Industry / Sector In the field of the FMCG sector keen competition among the industries persists and to achieve this goal strategies of marketing plays a great role. Unique and innovative methods of product development are a continuous process in this industry to keep ahead of other competitors in the market. From big multinationals […]

Exploring Ecommerce Strategic Framework for FMCG Expansion: An Interview with Anupam Sharma (E-commerce Lead)


Purpos Planet Culture Family-funded business unlike PE or market-invested E-commerce- what difference does it make in thinking?   Ans- Budgets for family-owned businesses are quite constrained, so we had to spend cautiously. On the other hand, you are free to spend as much as you like, though sometimes this doesn’t lead to the desired results. […]

What You Need to Know About Incense sticks or Agarbatti


Incense sticks are made of bamboo sticks, a paste of charcoal dust or sawdust powder, adhesive and perfume ingredients, or scented oil. Bamboo sticks are covered with the pest and rolled into a powder of ground ingredients and dried up moist for a few days.  Finally dipped into the solvent of perfume. Different adhesive substances […]

A Journey of Riya Perfume By Purpos Planet


riya perfume sample Today every FMCG product like body oil, soap, aftershave lotion, phenyl, detergent powder, etc. Need soothing fragrance. We can not deny that perfume is a basic component while making consumable house hold products.  Perfume manufacturer Purpos Planet  has brought a new change of lifestyle after the pandemic period. To satisfy the customers of the perfume […]

What is the Business Model of FMCG Companies?


business model of fmcg companies The pattern of Business Model of FMCG Companies changes it’s way as per the changes of time, market, geographical location, economical and financial condition. Business model is how a company sells its goods to customers and gets profit out of it. A FMCG company has to select such a business model out of which it […]
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