Choosing the Best Air Freshener for Every Room in Your Home

Thursday, 06, 2023

Best air freshener for every room

Sometimes the inside atmosphere of the home becomes damp, suffocated and frowzy due to improper sunshine or ventilation. In the rainy season the environment becomes moistened causing an unpleasant ambience of the rooms. Air Fresheners give us relief from those stale and unhealthy surroundings of the rooms. It makes the fragrance in the rooms pleasant and enjoyable which changes our mood to feel good. Air freshener plays an important role to make our home more attractive and sweet. Long before various scented natural resources like flowers, incense were used to freshen the air of a place. Gradually many ways for refreshing air have evolved to emerge as present kinds of air fresheners, some are chemical based and others are made from natural resources. Commonly spray room fresheners are used to freshen the atmosphere of the rooms. Other air fresheners are electric diffuser, reed diffuser, camphor cone, scented candles, gel, oil and incense etc. Each kind of air freshener has an effective role acoording to the nature of the room. Some rooms may have less air circulation and emit unpleasant odour. During monsoon the environment of a home becomes damp and suffocated. Insufficient sunshine may create an unhealthy environment. To get rid of all these adversities, use of room or air freshener is a useful option. We decorate our rooms in many ways by painting, decorative lighting, installing suitable furniture and gadgets. All these efforts make our rooms visibly beautiful. The final touch to present our rooms elegantly is accomplished by using enchanting room air fresheners. During party time or any other assembly air freshener freshens the environment with sweet fragrance. Air frehener makes us happy and energetic. It has become intrigal part of our household commodity. We use different kinds of air fresheners for different types of rooms according to their usage. Some rooms of the home are stuffy, some are compact, rooms like kitchen and bathrooms emit malodour. So one identical air freshener can not be the ideal and we should select the perfect one to serve the specific purpose.


Air freshener for living room

We spend our major time of the day with family members, friends and guests in our living room. It reflects the sense of beauty and decency of the dewllers of that house. The interior presentation of the living room should be both homely and welcoming. Living room decorations with furniture, curtains, sofa, coffee table , wall colours, show pieces etc brings elegance. The ambience of the living room reaches the peak when a fascinating air freshener is in use. It brings a pleasant feeling and delightful mood among the people present in that room. There many kinds of air fresheners are available for the living room out of which candles are most suitable for the living room. Candles made of wax mixed with fragrance oil are lit in the living room. They turn the interior environment of the room magical by spreading fragrance and lighting faintly. The special character of the candle air freshener is it lasts about 3-4 hours and the smell gently occupies the whole room suppressing the stuffy scent, while other air fresheners disappear quickly. It is better to place the candles beside heavy clothes like curtains, because they can hold the fragrance , but never place a burning candle next to light and soft fabrics. For standard living rooms 1 to 2 larger size candles are required and for big and spacious rooms 2 to 3 are enough.

Air freshener for bedroom

We take rest and also spend our private time in the bedroom. It is exclusively for inhebitants. The preferance for the kind of air freshener to be used, depends entirely on occupants. To freshen the air and spread the sweet aroma through aresol of the bedroom, diffuser is the best mode of air freshener. The dwellers choose their favourite scented oil to place into the diffuser and the diffusing machine fragmented the oil into delicate particles to merge into the air of the room and we get the fragrance. It can be placed anywhere in the room as it is safe and good looking. It lasts for a long time as it works constantly than any other diffusers. Generally two types of diffusers are used as air fresheners. Reed diffusers and electrical diffusers. Reed diffuser is a bottle with a narrow neck containing aromatic liquid inside and some sticks or reeds are placed therein. Reeds soak up the liquid air freshener and deliver the same into the air. Electric diffusers spread the molecules of the liquid air freshener into the atmosphere of the room to make the environment charming.

Air freshener for bathroom and kitchen

In the kitchen preparation of food is done from raw veg and non-veg materials.Large quantity of waste things are produced everyday from cleaning and washing process. A bathroom is used to keep our body and clothes clean and to discharge our body waste. Unwanted odour is produced and the environment becomes shabby and dampy. Various kinds of air fresheners can be used, but among them spray, camphor cone and blocks are most effective to emit fresh and clean scent suppressing over the malodour. Spray air freshener is used to throw the fragrance oil particles into the air and makes the surroundings impressive. Campore cone is a natural long lasting air freshener having no side effects. Block air fresheners are very commonly used in bathrooms. It is a long effective air freshener.

Air freshener for rooms and for home

Air freshener is now an important household product. Due to some unavoidable situation the environment of some rooms or homes become stale and unwanted scent comes out. To get rid of the unpleasant atmosphere, air freshener is the saviour. Plenty of fragrances are present in the market. To select the proper air freshener one should think of the place and type of smell to apply. For a home a single type of air freshener is not sufficient as the position, purpose and internal environment of the rooms are different. The type and fragrance of air freshener depends on the utilisation purpose of the room. Where friends and guests are coming the environment should be welcoming and where it is used exclusively by the dewllers the preference will be different. For musty places strong and suppressing one is preferable.


1:Why should I use an air freshener in my home?
Air fresheners can help to eliminate unpleasant odors, create a pleasant atmosphere, and make your home more attractive and inviting.

2:Can I use the same air freshener in every room?
It's best to select different air fresheners for different rooms, based on the room's purpose and internal environment. For example, rooms where guests will be entertained may require a more welcoming scent than a musty basement.

3:Are natural air fresheners better than chemical-based ones?
Both natural and chemical-based air fresheners have their pros and cons. Natural air fresheners are often safer and more environmentally friendly, but may not be as effective as chemical-based ones.

4:How do I choose the right fragrance for my air freshener?
Consider the purpose of the room and your personal preferences when selecting a fragrance. For example, a relaxing lavender scent may be ideal for a bedroom, while a fresh citrus scent could work well in a kitchen or bathroom.


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Emerson Merdian on 06 Jun 2023

Air fresheners have the remarkable ability to transform any space into an inviting oasis. Whether it's the sweet scent of vanilla, the refreshing aroma of citrus, or the soothing notes of lavender, these fragrances have the power to uplift our spirits and make our homes, offices, and cars more appealing.

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