What You Need to Know About Incense sticks or Agarbatti

Sunday, 16, 2022

Incense sticks are made of bamboo sticks, a paste of charcoal dust or sawdust powder, adhesive and perfume ingredients, or scented oil. Bamboo sticks are covered with the pest and rolled into a powder of ground ingredients and dried up moist for a few days.  Finally dipped into the solvent of perfume. Different adhesive substances secreted by plants or trees like amber, myrrh, halmaddi are used for fragrance. Some adhesives having no scent are also used as binding agents. In India, the process of incense making with bamboo sticks are in use for centuries back. Incense sticks are produced partly by hand and partly by machine. There is some semi-automated machine for making or packing incense sticks. India produces the highest number of incense in the world and is also the largest exporter. Incense sticks spread an aromatic fragrance when it is burnt. The beautiful scent makes the place calm and heavenly feeling. During the worship of god irrespective of religion, meditation, ceremony, perfume, and insect-repellent incense sticks are used.


What are Premium Incense Sticks?


Incense sticks are used all over the world for worshipping Gods and celebrating religious festivals. Almost all of us like to burn them for their sweet smell and holy appearance. The place where it burns makes the surroundings calm and brings peace of mind. Men have been using incense sticks for centuries and its quality is developing. Many countries including India produce incense sticks for domestic use and export. The incense sticks market is competitive and every company is trying to make the best quality products. As a result, a good number of premium incense sticks brands are available. The high demand for premium incense sticks in the global market inspires producers in India to make large quantities of premium agarbatti. India is the top exporter in the world. Japan and China are also producers and exporters of premium incense sticks.


The 10 Most Popular Fragrances of Premium Incense Sticks in India


Large numbers of companies are producing incense sticks with different qualities and prices in our country. Consumers can easily buy according to their choice and capacity. We can find some premium incense sticks in our country for export or domestic use. Premium incense sticks are organic products and are specially made without charcoal. High-quality and best-smelling masala-coated incense sticks with natural oil are considered Premium. Some premium brands of incense sticks are given below.

  1. Riya Agarbatti
  2. Cycle Pure Agarbatti
  3. Moksh Agarbatti
  4. Mangaldeep Agarbatti
  5. Zed Black Agarbatti
  6. Hem Agarbatti
  7. Patanjali Agarbatti
  8. Tataf Agarbatti
  9. Hari Darshan Agarbatti
  10. Kalpana Agarbatti


Importance of incense stick- a source of peace and devotion

Let us pray that our lives become like incense sticks spreading a beautiful fragrance to the lives of one and all.” Devotion is a holy deed to sacrifice oneself for the welfare of others. To make the environment pure and refreshing incense sticks are lighted. We feel relaxed and our minds become calm, keeping away all anxieties by the fragrance coming out of burning incense sticks. We regain energy and positivity of mind and make us courageous from the fragrance of incense sticks. We offer burning incense sticks for worshiping the almighty irrespective of religion. The smell makes the place of worship holy and fresh. The devotees assemble during worship to get peace of mind and do the devotional activity with the effect of the heavenly fragrance of “Agarbatti” or incense stick. During meditation, we get peace and concentration of mind by burning agarbatti or incense sticks. Incense sticks are used in almost houses and religious places for their multiple beneficial aspects. The smoke that comes out of burning agarbatti/incense sticks kills insects like mosquitos, flies, etc. Huge verities of attractive fragrances of incense sticks are available and one can choose one on his own. The refreshing aroma of agarbatti changes the suffocated environment and makes the place comfortable by cleaning the air. Incense sticks are being used in many countries like Japan, India, Tibet, etc. for a few centuries for multiple uses like Spiritual activity, Relaxation, Reduction of stress and anxiety, mediation, satisfaction of mind, enhancement of creativity, increase of concentration and focus, Yoga practice, and for medicinal purposes for purification and cleaning of air.



1:What are incense sticks made of?
Incense sticks are made of bamboo sticks, paste of charcoal or sawdust powder, adhesive, and scented oils or fragrance ingredients. The bamboo sticks are coated with paste, rolled in ground ingredients, and then dipped in a scented solvent to create the final product.

2:What are the main uses of incense sticks?
Incense sticks are commonly used for worshipping deities, during meditation, religious ceremonies, as a natural perfume, and as an insect repellent.

3:What are premium incense sticks?
Premium incense sticks are high-quality incense sticks made without charcoal and are coated with a special masala blend and natural oils. They are known for their exceptional fragrance and organic ingredients.

4:How do incense sticks help in creating a peaceful and devotional atmosphere?
The fragrance emitted by burning incense sticks helps create a calm and soothing atmosphere, promoting relaxation, concentration, and a sense of peace during worship, meditation, or other spiritual activities.

5:Are there any popular premium incense stick brands in India?
Some popular premium incense stick brands in India include Riya Agarbatti, Cycle Pure Agarbatti, Moksh Agarbatti, Mangaldeep Agarbatti, Zed Black Agarbatti, Hem Agarbatti, Patanjali Agarbatti, Tataf Agarbatti, Hari Darshan Agarbatti, and Kalpana Agarbatti.


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