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A Journey of Riya Perfume By Purpos Planet

Wednesday, 10, 2022

Today every FMCG product like body oil, soap, aftershave lotion, phenyl, detergent powder, etc. Need soothing fragrance. We can not deny that perfume is a basic component while making consumable house hold products.  Perfume manufacturer Purpos Planet  has brought a new change of lifestyle after the pandemic period. To satisfy the customers of the perfume world in multiple ways. Constant research and quality control is done for constant upgradation and transformation. Adopting the changes of the global market with expansion of new venture in this field.

The company has an experience of about 25 years and doing business over 20 states in the country with it’s multiple products. Purpos Planet is working in the domain in a  successful way to meet the customer's demand. They have multiple flower fragrances perfume products and have captured a remarkable size of perfume market. Other than floral perfume fragrance the company makes floral incense sticks by six flagship collections Heritage, Musical, Classical, Energetic, Devotional, and Auspicious Collection.

Purpos Planet explore research and development works towards the quality and marketing of the products. The company undertakes proactive strategies to take possession of good understanding of the market. The company is focusing on technology base FMCG sales and marketing including delivery and customers feedback. Purpos Planet is targeting sustainable static growth throughout the country on real-time basis. The company is dedicated to create, delivery, and surprise every household with new experiences and to bridge the inequalities in the new normal of aligning and changing deeper India. Purpos Planet under SCRIPT ( Socio-Economic Cultural Regions of  India’s Potential Triumph) programme is taking the effort to solve people’s problems in hyper-local life and scale-up the successful products and services in newer markets. 

Purpos Planet is an active manufacturer and supplier of “Riya” brand perfume. Riya has captured major perfume market by producing good quality of fragrances in reasonable prices. Riya perfumes are available in different fragrances. Riya Party Wear Perfume is an excellent perfume for both the men as well as girls. The main reason behind this happy affinity with Riya  is the competitive advantage of an irresistible perfume value realized over the past twenty years. Fragrances that are not elitist at a modest value are preferred to produce unique experiences, every day.

Every consumer has own unique and personal choice of perfume. Riya perfume believe this uniqueness and offer something for everyone. During the course of the journey over twenty years customers have taken the brand as their own, throughout the country.  The company makes elegant products are.


The Best Riya Perfumes Made by Purpos Planet

  • Riya Party Wear- The carnival of life is best enjoyed and appreciated with the best fragrance of Party helping you break out of the monotony of life and into the neon purple lights of thrill and excitement.


  • Riya Melody Perfume- Start your day with Melody, feel rejuvenated with the splash fragrance of fresh air and a ready-to-conquer attitude that ensures all-day-long vivacity making it perfect for everyday use.


  • Riya Hum Tum Perfume- The Citrus and lavender combination make a daring splash fragrance of pure romance.


  • Riya Born Rich Perfume-  It signifies young achievement, a force of change defying legacy business with class and subtlety. Born Rich body spray has a heritage of royalty leading with sweet lavender, floral yet spicy bergamot, and woody petitgrain with a tinge of orange blossom that smells like freedom. 


  • Riya Bawri Perfume-  Bawri brings out the mischievous side to your shy personality, it is the essence of innocent inquisitiveness for unexplored experiences. The best perfume for girls. Let the combination of floral and fruit wash you over with a renewed zest for every moment in life.


  • Riya Bindas Perfume-  Bindas body spray embodies the free spirit of code breakers in every generation with a carefree attitude and raw love for life daring to go beyond the boundaries of traditionally formal ideas.

All the above species of perfume are Eau de perfume and available  in all sizes 8ml, 10ml, 30ml, 100ml. 


A Comprehensive List of the Best Purpos Planet's Riya Incense Sticks

Purpos Planet’s Riya brand incense stick (agarbati) with elegant devotional fragrance brings alleviated mood and peace of mind. Six types of collections are Heritage, Musical, Classical, Energetic  Devotional, and Auspicious collection. Riya incense sticks are available in different fragrances like sandal, rose, lavender, and jasmine. Each of them creates holy and spiritual environment. The various brands of the company namely Sandalwood, Ragini, Umang, Mira, and Swasti with their scent create pure soul within the devotees by spreading divine fragrance. 


FMCG Biggest Companies List In India

Pupos Planet is spreading its wings towards many other products and emerging as FMCG company.

The top FMCG companies in India are

  1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd. ( HUL )
  2. ITC Limited
  3. Nestle India
  4. Dabur India Ltd
  5. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
  6. Britannia Industries Ltd
  7. Tata Consumer Products Ltd
  8. Marico.

They have captured the major market. Still, there is many spaces to cover. The company is proceeding to become a large FMCG company in India.

You can also read about the Business Model of FMCG Companies, which is one of the most profitable industries in India.



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Shivani Saini on 13 Mar 2023

I just came to say if you are the manufacturing company of Riya perfumes. There used to be one perfume called Riya Freedom which was closed long ago. I want to request you guys to start manufacturing that perfume again because it was one of your best product ever. Thanks.

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