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The 5 Best Roll on Perfume to Buy in India

Friday, 21, 2022

Indian roll on perfumes are rich in quality with competitive prices. India exports a major part of roll on perfumes in various countries. There are so many excellent brands of roll on perfumes are available in the market. Five bestselling   roll on perfumes are Aradhana Marikozhunthu Attar Perfume Roll On, Deep Sleep Roll On, Nivea Roll On Perfume, Fragrance & Beyond Skill Roll On for Men, Amar Sandal Roll On Perfume. 

What is a roll on Perfume? 

 Perfume lovers use perfumes of their own choice.  Some people like to use spray perfume, while some other prefer to use roll on perfume. Bottle of roll on perfume is specially made with a moving tip on it. This special type of bottle contains perfume and the same is applied by gently rubbing on the body. This type of perfume is used on some special area of our body, where veins go under the skin and discharge warmth like wrist, neck, elbows, armpit and other joint areas. Roll on perfume ejects small volume of perfume on the applied areas. The bottle of roll on perfume contains a sphere like rolling tip and leakage or evaporation of perfume does not happen. It is safe to carry inside luggage with other belongings. Roll on perfume cannot be refilled like spray bottles as the tip of the bottle is fixed. After use empty bottle has to discard even it is a beautiful one. Roll on perfume are economic than spray because it is long lasting, while essence of spray dried up quickly. Wastage of perfume of roll on is much lesser than spray. Roll on perfume is used directly on body parts and resists the odor of sweating in a better way and prevents the growing of bacteria.

What are the differences between Perfume, Deo Body Spray and Roll on Perfume? 

All the above articles are used to prevent bad smell of our body and generate sweet and attractive scent. They have some differences in functionality and usage discussed below.
1. Spray perfume is used on clothes and both roll on perfume and deodorant are used on the skin of our body.

  1. Spray perfume does not prevent bad odor of the body but both roll on perfume and deodorant are resistant to unpleasant scent of our body. 
  2. Sprays have a lower ratio of concentrated oil than alcohol, while roll on perfume have higher level of oil and less water or alcohol and deodorant have less quantity of concentrated oil than water or alcohol.
  3. Spray perfume and deodorant tend to come in aerosol, while roll on perfume are rubbed on parts of body with a moving ball top.
  4. Roll on perfume lasts long with intimate feelings than spray perfume, which spreads an elegant and alluring fragrance.
  5. In roll on perfume the ratio of concentrated oil in alcohol is maximum, while in spray perfume it is moderate and in deodorant the proportion is less. 

How to choose perfume for women

“Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style.” Women like to present themselves as the point of attraction by making up with beauty aids, but it remains incomplete without alluring fragrance. There are some special types of roll on and spray perfume for women. Roll on perfume is directly applied on the body. Women apply roll on per fume on wrists, inside elbows, back of ears or neck, collarbone, hair, behind the knees. Females like to use roll on perfume for deposition of small amount of perfume and remains active foe long time. It prevents the bad smell of sweating and growing of bacteria. Some Indian roll on perfume for females are Enchanteur Alluring Perfumed Roll On, Lavender Incense Cones, Enchantewur Charming Perfume Roll On, Riya Brand Poizo Roll on etc. 

How to choose men’s perfume on roll on perfume

Men’s perfume specially roll on perfume makes a man elegant and sophisticated. Everybody comes closer and breathe in the smell notices your personality. The roll on perfume for men can be used on daily basis as very little quantity can keep refreshed for whole day. The roll on perfume resists sweating and keep fresh a man throughout the day. Males use roll on perfumes on wrist, neck, elbows, armpit and other joint areas. Some top roll on perfumes for men are Nivea Men Silver Protect Roll-On, L’Oreal Men Expert Intense Ice Roll-On, Oriflame Girodani Gold Man Antiperspirant Roll-On, Rexona Men Sport Defense Underarm Odour Protection Roll-, Riya Brand Bindas Roll On etc.

Best rated and most popular Roll on Perfumes in India.

Indian perfumes have high demand in the national and international markets for their excellent quality. It is difficult to rank any particular brand as best. However, depending upon market survey and turnover some of them are in the top position. Here are some best roll on perfumes for men.

  1. Old Spice Gentle Man’s Blend Antiperspirant Deodorant
  2. Ursa Major Hoppin Fresh Deodorant
  3. BVaxter of California Deodorant
  4. Native Deodorant 
  5. Riya Bindas Roll on.

Some best roll on Perfumes for women.

  1. Invisible Solid Secret Deodorant
  2. Nivea Pear & Beauty Deodorant
  3. Dove invisible Dry Anti- PersPirant
  4. Nivea Protect & Care Deodorant
  5. Riya Poizo Roll on.

Riya Perfume – Purpos Planet is an eminent producer of Riya Brand perfume in various forms, sizes for all purposes like spray, roll-on, deodorant, room freshener, germ killer, air freshener, perfume soaps etc. Over two decades covering almost all parts of India. It is a big name in the Indian perfume market and developing itself through direct marketing and online marketing. 

Riya brand deo body spray is a famous brand in the country. The company has numerous types of deo body spray designed according to the requirement of all categories of customers. They are available in decorative bottles. Some famous brands of Riya Perfumes are Bindus, Melody, Bawri, Born Rich, Hum Tum, Party Wear, Intense Gold, Intense Dark etc. 

Riya Roll on- With multiple Eau De Perfume Riya makes various roll on perfumes for both man and woman and separately for male and female also. Riya Roll on perfumes have many kinds of attractive fragrance. It has also regular wear, party wear, office wear, ceremonial wear spray and roll on perfumes.

Riya  Bindas Roll on- The user gets contentment after applying this roll on perfume. It works softly on warm pulse points of the body for a long time. It is the right choice for adventurous and bold people.  

Riya Born Rich Roll on - It turns the user as an elegant and influential personality. The fragrance spreads its supremacy by dispensing smoothly through rotating tip of the bottle.

Riya Melody Roll on- Daily use of this roll on fragrance brings happiness and sweetness. It accelerates the comfort like warmth of sunshine in a winter morning. It changes the bad smell of the body to a delightful fragrance.

Riya Partner Roll on- It is your companion of everyday irrespective of variation of mood, weather, in busy or relaxed situation. The fragrance is so loving that no can give up its association.

Riya Poizo Roll on- It brings intimacy with someone you love. The fragrance makes the mood sensual in tempt moments. Roll a little on the back of years creates unforgettable moments.

Riya Rajani Gandha Roll on- It is floral effect of Rajani gandha  is mild and sweet. The fragrance is very provocative like millon of flowers are blooming in a garden.  Freshen the body by removing sweating off with fresh flowery scent.


1:What are the main benefits of using roll-on perfumes over spray perfumes?
Roll-on perfumes are long-lasting, economical, and prevent odor more effectively than spray perfumes. They are applied directly to body parts, which reduces wastage and allows for better odor control. Additionally, they are safe to carry in luggage without the risk of leakage or evaporation.

2:How do I apply a roll-on perfume for the best results?
Apply the roll-on perfume on your body's pulse points, such as wrists, neck, elbows, armpits, and other joint areas. These areas emit warmth and help the fragrance to diffuse effectively.

3:Can roll-on perfumes be refilled?
No, roll-on perfumes typically cannot be refilled as the tip of the bottle is fixed. Once empty, the bottle should be discarded.

4:How do I choose the right roll-on perfume for me?
Consider your personal preferences and the occasions for which you will wear the perfume. Look for fragrances that complement your personality and suit your daily activities or special events. Test various scents on your skin to find the one that works best with your body chemistry.

5:Are there any specific roll-on perfumes recommended for men or women?
Yes, there are roll-on perfumes specially designed for men and women. Some top roll-on perfumes for men include Nivea Men Silver Protect Roll-On, L’Oreal Men Expert Intense Ice Roll-On, and Riya Bindas Roll On. For women, consider trying Enchanteur Alluring Perfumed Roll On, Lavender Incense Cones, or Riya Poizo Roll On.


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