Mira fragrance is designed to elevate your soul to higher realms of devotion. It celebrates the idea of courageous disregard for social restrictions- controlling your freedom to practice your faith. The essence of Mira lies in unity and oneness being inspired by the soul-stirring notes of folk and devotional music. Originating in Indian history's devotion period, the fragrance is also the epitome of a daring devotee embodying the soul of Mirabai who was celebrated for her fearless devotion towards Lord Krishna overcoming the socio-cultural challenges in those times. The scent of Mira pushes you to triumph over psychological obstructions, motivating defiant devotees to tower over all worldly leisures to continue in the path of their spiritual journey. The visual of the crimson morning sun, the distant canopy, and Mira's ektara epitomize the devotion period in Indian cultural history and perfectly embody her scent.

Available in 1 SKU of 10 Sticks

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