Sandal Premium Collection

Sandal Premium

The eternally fragrant Sandalwood and its divine and soothing deep woody scent embodies the uncorrupted soul and the true essence of humanity in all its glory. The fragrance of Sandal Premium blends woody, musky, earthy patchouli and warm, powdery, sweet amber. It is a testimony of India’s heritage and forms an essential part of Indian mythology as it is sourced from ancient fragrant trees. It lights up your meditative mood with cool, pleasing scents and lulls you to sleep with the sound of forest winds in its cosmic manifestation. Inspired by the essence of Sandal wood’s fundamental nature that always remains unpolluted regardless of any adulterations, Sandal Premium shines as the soul fragrance of devotion.

- three-elephants symbolizing trinity of power of will, knowledge and action
- inspired by Lord Shiva’s tripundra- the three horizontal lines
- जोरहीमउत्तमप्रकृति,काकरिसकतकुसंग।
चन्दनविषव्यापतनहीं, लपटेरहतभुजंग।।
- Available in 16 and 105 grams SKUs.

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