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Hi! Nuts Makhana - Premium 4S (12.5mm) Foxnuts for Quality and Nutrition

  • Differentiate Quality: Say goodbye to loose mixed quality. With Hi! Nuts Makhana, you can easily identify and appreciate the superior quality compared to other brands.
  • Nutritional Value: Enjoy the goodness of calcium, proteins, fibers, and antioxidants with every serving of Hi! Nuts Makhana. Nourish your body while satisfying your snack cravings.
  • Carefully Sourced: Our Makhana is sourced from the divine ponds of Darbhanga and Madhubani, known for their pure and natural environment. Taste the difference that Mother Nature offers.
  • Boost Immunity: Strengthen your immune system with the immune-boosting properties of Hi! Nuts Makhana. Stay healthy and protected from common ailments.
  • Anti-Ageing Properties: Experience the natural anti-ageing benefits of antioxidants present in our foxnuts. Maintain your youthful glow with every delightful munch.
  • Hygienically Processed: We take utmost care in cleaning and sorting our Makhana to ensure they meet the highest standards of hygiene. Enjoy a safe and healthy snacking experience.


Product description:

Introducing Hi! Nuts Makhana, the perfect choice for those who value quality and nutrition. Our carefully selected 4S (12.5mm) foxnuts are the key to experiencing the finest taste and reaping the numerous health benefits of this unique snack. Sourced from the blessed ponds of Darbhanga and Madhubani, our Makhana undergoes a rigorous cleaning and sorting process to ensure superior quality and hygiene. Indulge in the delight of Hi! Nuts Makhana, a treasure trove of essential nutrients that are essential for your well-being. Packed with calcium, proteins, fibers, and antioxidants, these foxnuts are a powerhouse of goodness. Boost your immune system and promote a healthy lifestyle with every delicious bite.

Product FAQs:
Generally, you can buy Hi! Nuts- makhana or fox nuts in dried form or roasted form. Many people eat them as snacks, directly adding a pinch of salt. Raw and flavoured Roasted makhanas (as available on www.purposplanet.com) are delicious to munch on and retain a high amount of nutrients.

You can, of course, add raw makhana in salads, food preparations or dishes.
Hi! Nuts Makhana, also called foxnuts, is a perfect snack for any time of the day. It is tasty, full of essential nutrients and does not add empty calories to your daily diet. This Indian superfood is becoming especially favourite among people going through a weight loss routine.
Eat 2-3 handfuls of Hi! Nuts Makhana a day or add to salads.
Makhana is a type of seed derived from the Euryale ferox plant. They're also sometimes referred to as fox nuts or lotus seeds.
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