Sandal & Turmeric Skincare Soap which contains turmeric & Sandel. Turmeric has an established antiseptic character that guards your skin against the harsh climatic conditions in India. Combined with the goodness of Sandalwood, ancient skincare, and smoothening gift to mankind, Riya Sandal & Turmeric is the best skin care soap. It is a tribute to India’s heritage; a Sandal fragrance loved by consumers across generations. For softer, healthier, and fresher skin, Riya Sandal & Turmeric skincare soap is your trustworthy care companion against pollution and unforgiving wind on the skin.


  • Cleanser & toner
  • Moisturiser
  • Skincare
  • Sustainable: Regular
  • Key ingredients: Sandal and Turmeric



Available in 55 grams

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