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Wishing you peace, happiness and prosperity with positive energy at home

Indian wisdom in Vastu Shastra suggests that every home receives certain cosmic energies whether god or bad. Since ancient times, goodness in natural fragrances for human dwellings channelised positive vibrations and removed the negative ones. Right fragrances sensorially play a pleasing and relaxing role at home.

As Indian urban homes are designed smaller and modular, there is growing need for innovation and versatile sources of pleasant fragrant experiences. Modern home fragrances offer growing number of aroma sources e.g., Fragrant room sprays , lamps, incense sticks, oil burners, potpourris, diffusers, sachets, scented wax melts and warmers with changing LED lights etc.

Purpos Planet offers natural fragrances through traditional and modern products, to not only radiate positive energy in diverse spaces but to also evoke social appreciation.

Room Fresheners

Our natural heritage fragrances radiate positive energy at home or your workplace. Choose from our nine highly rated fragrances led by RAJANIGANDHA, JASMINE, , LAVENDER, SANDAL,BELA, CHAMPA, ROSE, LEMON AND BOUQUET. Available in classic designer glass bottles 200 ml

Air Fresheners

Enhance the quality of air experience you breathe in. Floral fragrances are proven to uplift your mood to tune into your everyday rhythm of life. Power spray your favourite fragrance from our six top reviewed fragrances led by JASMINE, RAJANIGANDHA, SANDAL, BOUQUET, LAVENDER, and ROSE. Available in 250 ml

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