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Savran Tea

Sourced from mother nature, Savran Tea is processed to different qualities & grades by experts. All are gold standard of pure quality blends. Graced by the precious golden sunlight that enriches every leaf on our planet. Every morning, the sun shines first on East India tea gardens. Which is why Assam, Darjeeling, Dooars regions in India are blessed with sunshine in the form tea leaves. Like sunshine, Savran Tea blends wake you up, calm you or cheer you up to start your day ...this sunshine in tea is what we capture in Savran Tea Golden quality.

A new challenger brand, Savran Tea thinks like an Indian vernacular medium in people's language. Offers hyper quality at hyper-value. It thinks like a stringer, an editor, an analyst, programming head, photojournalist, news anchor in its 24x7 engagement with audience. Savran Tea is hyper-obsessed with hyper-local tea colour, liquid motif, sumptuous spices or even dry fruits with native snacks. It embodies the hottest currency of regional tea-linguistic taste codes and consumption behaviour.

Savran Tea

Savran~ an oriental Sanskrit word, means Gold in English.

Savran Tea Board of Blenders

Quite like a poem, a tea blend flows from blender’s heart and not mind – a bit abstract, slightly subjective ensuring with diverse opinions & criticism.

At Purpos Planet, under the master F&B brand Big India, Savran Tea is led by a Board of Blenders. A team of professionals who have been experimenting with tea varieties - traveling across gardens at different altitudes, feeling leaves, smelling, blending, and creating unique beverages experiences is their forte. With more than 34 years of experience in tea business, they are the sensorially blessed and learned. Today, they are creating a culture of tea blending that’s consumer insights-centric and fulfills evolving Indian consumer preferences.

Our BOB understands that tea can change its character like dialect across 6882 blocks assessed for ground water by Ministry of Jal Shakti. And so does milk and other ingredients, spices quality that Indians mix at home.

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