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AARIA was born out of a humble endeavour to capture the holy essence of the higher power through the gentle beauty of flowers. Hindu mythology is filled with fascinating connections between flowers and God's various forms - Datura born out of Shiva's chest, Lotus from Brahma’s navel Lord Vishnu on Lotus, Krishna’s Kadamba tree flower, Hanuman’s Madar flower etc. The omnipresent creator resides within the core of its every creation, in air, water, fragrance - this thought became the inspiration for AARIA and thus it came about as the revelation of god's realisation in floral fragrances
- Manifestation of Holiness in Flowers
- पुण्यो गन्ध: पृथिव्यां च तेजश्चास्मि विभावसौ |
जीवनं सर्वभूतेषु तपश्चास्मि तपस्विषु || 9||
- Pleasing unique floral fragrance to connect with the Lord

Rajani by AARIA is created by blending notes of aldehyde in white flower, emanating the essence of tuberose, popularly known as Rajanigandha; with its distinctive tropical smell symbolic of purity and innocence. Available in 18,120 and 150 grams SKUs

Lavender, often linked with devotional essence in different cultures, is known for itscalming fragrance. It soothes your nerves and relieves you of all your worries of this material world. Lavender by AARIA in its purple royalty blends is aromatic, musk notes and is a new addition to the devotional fragrance category. Available in 18 and 120 grams SKUs

Rose is at the heart of everything sacred, a symbol of true spiritual ecstasy. Rose by AARIA blends in musk notes with rosy fragrances that fill the air with an odour of sanctity and devotion. The blossoming pink hues of rose petals carry the colour and essence of divine beauty. Available in 18,120 and 150 grams SKUs

Sufalam by AARIA, fruity in its conception, is an exotic blend of sandalwood notes and fruit's aroma departing from the classical floral fragrances. Its newness is refreshing and is a perfect departure from the familiarity of floral perfumes. Available in 18 and 120 grams SKUs

Inspired by the essence of sandalwood's elemental nature of staying true to its character, incorruptible despite context and rituals, Sandal by AARIA is the true soul fragrance of devotion. Its natural woody scent is blended with soft spicy notes. Sourced from the ancient fragrance tree, the scent of sandal feels like a cosmic manifestation. Available in 18,120 and 150 grams SKUs

Jasmine, often regarded as being born of goddess Lakshmi, is rightfully crowned as the queen of flowers. It is popularly known with a multitude of names like Mogra, Chameli, Johi, Jati, Kundu Malligai. Jasmine by AARIA blends in white and green floral notes isinto an incredibly exotic symbol of gift a from God. Available in 18,120 and 150 grams SKUs

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