The Untold Story Behind The Latest Colour Cosmetics Brand in Town Riya Street Style (Part – 2)

Saturday, 15, 2023

How has PP designed the product experience around the colour-shades range of colour cosmetics?

In the initial pilot project stage, we have the must-have shades in Red, Maroon, Pink, Green etc. But our colour studies clearly suggest sharper sub-cultural and ethnicity-led colour preference differences in India. E.g. Western UP and Eastern UP ( remember UP is a country size market in India) and Awadh regions, esp. In RIYA constituencies, suggest shades preference differences if not the colour palette difference.
Social-media immersive content consumption among TG in deeper India is flattening the fashion and aesthetic appreciation sense. Girls have an hierarchy of influencers at hyper-local to national levels and they follow them to make their own choices. We aim to continuously study how Disco shades in Punjab differ from Orange and Turmeric Yellow in Bihar ; Red in Bengal from Fuchsia pink in metropolitan markets.

What are the emotions attached to the brand Street Style and how are you translating it into the product designing & placements?

Swami & Sheep:

As Street Style, we aspire to encompass a wide range of emotions. This is reflected in our unconventional color choices, which are intended to captivate individuals rather than conform to a group. Today's youth experiences fleeting emotions, so we aim to offer a variety of colors to suit every mood they may have. However, our imagery does contain a hint of boldness and deliberate flamboyance, as we aim to resonate with the daring mindset of a certain group.

Who is she? What is her U&A towards CC and a new brand idea?


She is indulgent, fashion conscious, is forever ready for celebrations and joys, loves little pleasures that life offers, is open to new ideas and new brands. Is an Explorer.

Swami & Sheep:

A street-style girl is an unconventional individual who explores and embraces everything that she finds interesting, regardless of fashion trends or societal norms. She revels in rebelling to express her true self. Our focus is centered around her, where she becomes the center of attention—the top performer on the streets. She thrives in the spotlight. Furthermore, we strive to adapt to her buying patterns, allowing her user attitude to guide us instead of dictating what she should purchase. Our ethos revolves around embodying the spirit of being forever new, not just as a brand, but as an eternal mindset.

What were the key factors that were taken into consideration during NPD learning and developing Colours for Street Style ?


Selection of the right respondents, adhering to a uniform and standard process for product testing with no external biases, timely feedback for post product usage, keeping the discussion lively and also clicking pictures for analysis and reference purpose are some of the key check points exercised during the NPD research


India is a land of diversity and different tastes. How does Street Style plan to cater to the needs of the audience?

Purpos Planet Ecommerce Lead:

We plan to audit colours reviews as an important must-do process, on regular frequency, to feed into retail insights for new product development. Social media readings and ecommerce analysis provide data-led mapping of shades preference across pin codes in India. We intend to develop Fast Street Style in Beauty as an inspiration from legacy idea of fast fashion.
With its 26 + years of fragrances research & development experience, the company has many success and failures trials in different sub-cultures for fragrances. India is indeed a Republic of Fragrances with natural forest and horticultural diversity as the blessed land of rivers, climatic differences and a vast coastline.
Likewise, Color & Finish preferences are evolving too in beauty category across sub-cultures with different boundaries. Online and offline sales channels also have varied reviews and preferences. Broadly, India loves colours by occasions , by fashion colours, by place and season, e.g. Festivals – Traditional Red shades auspicious for mature audience while the younger girls like pinks’ new shades; College campus casual fashion colours and street fashion , party wear is the most experimentative segment with Glitter, Metallic, Matte, Glossy.

Offline -online- offline is a reality today even in small towns of India. What is the channel strategy ?

Beauty and fragrances consumer is fast adopting online including B2B segment of parlour owners and home make-up services providers. Every day, ecommerce is adding millions of new shoppers. Street Style will cultivate its younger audience online and scale up in general trade given its 26+ years’ experience with beauty counters across India. Slowly Modern Trade has come back too with people wanting to check new global fashion brands with Indian designer’s fashion. Given the concept of street fashion, its S&D will be led by Street Fashion Stores, hyper-price markets, malls kiosks and online marketplace with special focus on beauty and fashion ecommerce

Does the brand plan on targeting BTL and ATL activations ? What exciting is coming up in that space?

Legacy media channels are being ignored by generation born after 2000 as their world is around digital media consumption. Brand Content / advertising will be quirky with attitude and language of Gen Z ;
#Streetstopper #riyalifestyle #streetstyle
At BTL , beauty advisors will be added with new SKUs in all categories in stage II. Influencers with B2B offline trust in hyper-local cultures are being added in the Street Fashion ecosystem,.

What is will be the brand tonality so that it resonates with the exact TG the brand is eyeing for?

Swami & Sheep:

We are an unabashedly quirky brand, evident in our visuals where nail polish is squeezed from a fruit yet remains fashionable, and our straightforward language. It mirrors the language today's youth use in their social media posts. Our aim is to empower the youth to express themselves authentically, speaking their language.



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