The Untold Story Behind The Latest Colour Cosmetics Brand in Town Riya Street Style

Friday, 30, 2023

1. Riya is one of the most loved brands in the Indian perfume industry in the mass segment. What is the story behind the brand Street Style under Riya now extending into colour cosmetics?

Swami & Sheep

Riya has been in this market for a long time and has garnered a loyal customer base across various product categories. They are even market leaders in many areas. However, Riya has realized that times are rapidly changing, and the current era greatly influences consumer buying patterns every day. As consumers, we crave freshness and excitement in every experience we encounter. This is why Riya decided to venture into the world of color cosmetics, specifically a brand called STREET STYLE. This brand draws inspiration from the fashion sense found in street style. It embodies a style that is completely informal and unconventional. It is as free-spirited as the young girls we come across every day. Clearly, this move aims to capture the attention of the youngest consumers at an early stage in their street fashion journey. The goal is to create a contemporary product line infused with street energy and fashion flair that truly represents Street Style.

Why Street Style name ?

Swami & Sheep:

The fundamental difference between other fashion trends and street style lies in the fact that street style is solely based on individual choices. It serves as a reflection of an individual rather than blindly following current fashion trends. At Riya, we have recognized that at this time, we are embracing individualism to the fullest. The prevailing conversations revolve around personal preferences. Hence, it made perfect sense for us to create a brand that inherently celebrates individuality—Street Style. The essence of street style lies in breaking free from studios and embracing grassroots culture, connecting with the youth by embracing their individual spirits.

2. How has PP played with modern visual branding techniques for the Riya Street Style brand to stand out?

Swami & Sheep:

One of the remarkable aspects of modern visual techniques is their refusal to confine themselves to one style. Instead, they embrace randomness and carve their own unique space. As a brand, our aim is to be truly inclusive and incorporate anything and everything that captures interest. For instance, the font used for "Street Style" is not a conventional typeface but a graphic representation. Additionally, the abundance of vibrant colors in our communication signifies that today's consumers fearlessly embrace any hue, no matter how unconventional or bold. Thus, we wholeheartedly embrace this spirit—so be it.

3. With its extension into the world of colour cosmetics, what is the market need that the brand is trying to address?

Purpos Planet Ecommerce Lead:

RIYA from its current hyper-value conscious consumer segment will fulfil a specific segment need that aspires for ‘affordable premium’ quality unlike the upper ‘affordable luxury’ layer of market construct but can not afford for everyday beauty needs consumption.
Therefore, the addressable market for Street Style is to upgrade the price-sensitive everyday beauty products buyers who aspire for high to mid-priced quality of cosmetics brands but can not regularly afford them even if they were to try them as one-off purchase.
Riya brings with its trust, quality, extensive availability that the consumers are well aware of.

4. What are the primary goals of the brand in its initial phases in terms of geographical expansion and format of distribution being targeted ?

Purpos Planet Ecommerce Lead:

In the past 6 months, we have undertaken couple of consumer contact research projects on nail care & beauty, lips care & beauty and we are excited to see how fast young Indian women are shifting to online even in economy segment and ordering collections of new shades.
Therefore, we aim to aggressively cultivate consumers online and scale up in general trade wherein we already 26 years of channel & consumer trust , but in select RIYA strong markets.

5. In the matured industry of colour cosmetics, how does PP want to differentiate itself staying true to the values of its loved brand Riya?


Key product differentiators are the quality back by R&D, Responsibility towards the customer, Riya as a brand encompasses the fire of the youth and the equanimity of the adults (above 30 years age group)

6. How has PP designed the product experience around the colour-shades range of colour cosmetics?

In the initial pilot project stage, we have the must-have shades in Red, Maroon, Pink, Green etc. But our colour studies clearly suggest sharper sub-cultural and ethnicity-led colour preference differences in India. E.g. Western UP and Eastern UP ( remember UP is a country size market in India) and Awadh regions, esp. In RIYA constituencies, suggest shades preference differences if not the colour palette difference.
Social-media immersive content consumption among TG in deeper India is flattening the fashion and aesthetic appreciation sense. Girls have an hierarchy of influencers at hyper-local to national levels and they follow them to make their own choices. We aim to continuously study how Disco shades in Punjab differ from Orange and Turmeric Yellow in Bihar ; Red in Bengal from Fuchsia pink in metropolitan markets.



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