Purpos Planet’s Digital Odyssey: Bridging The Digital Gap and Creating New Experiences

Friday, 08, 2023

What is the vision of Purpos Planet in the digital space?

Purpos Planet vision is dedicated to create, deliver and surprise every household with new experiences and to bridge the inequalities in the new-normal of aligning and changing deeper India.In the digital space, we strive to be innovators, embracing emerging technologies to reimagine traditional FMCG business models. We aim to cultivate new consumers with hyper-local content , digital storytelling, and community building with the Gen Z and millennial mindset, leveraging cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and data analytics to drive meaningful conversations, and build lasting connections by ‘unlocking the immense creative potential’ in India.

Purpos Planet is a house of brands with multiple sub-brands under their umbrella , how do you plan to segment the brands online?

Firstly, we analyse the target audience and their behaviours to identify the most suitable channels for each brand. At this stage, Fashion, Beauty, Fragrances is the foremost category in which RIYA leads the perfumes category. All legacy perfume & deo brands provide a ready to accelerate growth model for Ecommerce as RIYA consumers shift to online shopping with deeper internet penetration. New Digital First SKUs under RIYA or new D2C brands will be strategized to widen the brand appeal among Gen Z as their awareness to shopping to repeat purchase behaviour for fragrances and beauty products is different. F&B brands are largely General Trade focused and will be available on F&B relevant platforms like digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization, and social media platforms,to drive awareness, generate leads, and enhance the online visibility of these brands. tea or dry fruits, ecommerce specific SKUs will have to developed in view of consumer behaviour differences.

What do you think are the key winning points for any brand to be a success story in the online space?

To become a success story in the online space, brands need to focus on several key winning points.

These include:

Strong Brand Identity: we need to differentiate ourselves and clearly communicate our value proposition, purpose, and unique selling points.

Seamless User Experience: We are investing in user-friendly website designs, responsive mobile experiences, smooth navigation, simplified checkout processes, personalised recommendations, and efficient customer support that contribute to a positive user experience keeping customers engaged and encouraging repeat visits.

Compelling Content Strategy and digital storytelling: We are willing to create high-quality and relevant content that resonates with our target market, including informative blog posts, engaging videos, visually appealing imagery with a well-executed content strategy, that will establish the brand as a thought leader, drive organic traffic, and foster brand loyalty.

Effective Digital Marketing: Channels such as search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, influencer collaborations, and email marketing with targeted campaigns, data-driven insights, and continuous optimisation will contribute to reaching and engaging the right audience, driving brand awareness, and achieving business objectives.

Social Media Presence: Active community management, responding to customer inquiries and feedback, and leveraging user-generated content will enhance brand visibility, advocacy, and customer loyalty.

Customer-centric Approach: prioritising understanding customer needs, preferences, and pain points, collecting and analysing customer data and feedback helps to personalise marketing efforts, tailor product offerings, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Is there anything you would like to say to a consumer who has been using the Riya brand for years and are now being provided with the vibrant new Rebranded offerings?

As India enjoys more technology driven economic growth and prosperity in future, RIYA consumers will be delighted to enjoy new digital experiences and new perfumes, deodorants, fresheners in the next 2 years. RIYA’s legacy retail stores and will be added with modern trade to provide omnichannel purchase options to her. We are introducing new rebranded offerings, focusing on customer satisfaction and experience.The rebranded offerings offer more choice, value, and innovation while staying true to the essence of the Riya brand.
However new brand creation with new concepts is on speed mode and new perfumes NPD pipeline for next 2 years is full. So yes, she is in for nonstop great surprises from RIYA fragrances.

Legacy to digital' transition -challenges and opportunities?

Economy RIYA has a robust legacy inside the fragrance segment, and is a main emblem in all areas. They are passionate about turning in creative content with an Indian center-elegance customer attitude and embody digital transformation with enthusiasm. RIYA’s virtual transformation faces many demanding situations, including technological advances, talents gaps and alternate management.



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