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Monday, 13, 2022

Purpos Planet is one of the fastest-growing FMCG companies in India founded by Aditya
Vikram Daga and co-founded by L.K.Soni. Purpos planet has been created with the purpose
to inspire people, help people to expand their consciousness, and improve connectivity in
society.Purpos Planet is an FMCG brand comprising different sectors - Personal Care &
Cosmetics, Homecare & Hygiene, Food & Beverages, Colour Cosmetics, Beauty & Fashion.
The company, based on the principles of introducing equality, earning trust, and embracing
change, aims to provide a strategic response to changes in lifestyle
as people are faced with new challenges every day. In near future, Purpos Planet wants to
see itself among the top 10 FMCG companies in India and to feature as a 500 Crores
Company. Among the main products of Purpos Planet, the leading ones are Riya
Fragrances, Riya deodorant body spray, Riya Air Freshener, and many others. In 2020 Riya
ranked as the leading perfume brand in India.
Next to be launched is the food and beverage section of Purpos Planet, among which the
main products will be tea, dry fruits, and spices. Tea will be launched in two variants, namely
Charter and Premium. Among spices, the different varieties are going to be whole spices,
powdered spices, and blended spices.
Purpos Planet believes in a culture where one is honest and ready to embrace the smallest
of limitations and at the same time is eager to overcome the same. The company is at a
stage of Organisational Development where the transition from legacy to technology-driven
business culture, people and process is the vision, and it wants to build a younger, digitally
savvier, and Women-led Purpos Planet Culture. Purpos Planet provides different
responsibilities to its people in different stages of growth, encouraging them to explore their
true potential, learn, experiment, and grow simultaneously. So someone, being in any field
such as Finance can contribute to Digital Marketing as well, by exploring new, innovative
ideas. Purpos Planet is driven by the Script- Socio-economic Cultural Regions of India’s
Potential Triumph. To engage with the potential of household consumers in deeper India
every day, the company needs to partner with strategic Channel Partners in the rapidly
evolving technology-driven sales and distribution ecosystem. India is expected to enjoy a
massive consumption curve in the next few decades. Purpos Planet is keen to partner with
Distributors who have unique sales and distribution instincts, and updated experiences in
FMCG categories. The company is always working towards constant upgradation and
transformation, enhancing its presence, and building a tech-savvy, gender-diverse culture.


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